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29 May 2009 @ 01:13 am
i'm sorry i dissapeared. at first i made this for something to do at work, but i gave it up, cause i'm stupid. but now i want to get back into this. new blog. http://www.blogger.com/profile/14400416366795377503

23 September 2008 @ 04:28 am
so this is new, at work. setting up my livejournal. i miss gj, i had an acct, but i dont want that acct, too much history. but the gj server is overloaded and is directing users to sign up for IJ, which i don't like. but either way, i'm trying to make this an online home to me. the things i love to be here, cars, skate brands and my life with my beautiful girlfriend. this is me right now.
23 September 2008 @ 02:58 am
i love you